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A Comprehensive Continuum of Care


It is comforting to know that once a resident comes to The Courvilles, at any location and on any level of care, they are viewed as family for the rest of their stay. This simple but profound statement defines our personalized care and commitment.

CARE PLAN: First, we compile an assessment of the needs of the individual resident and then discuss it with family members and loved ones. What then emerges is a carefully crafted Care Plan.  No matter the level of care, the coordinated services provided by our staff are unrivaled.  

NURSING and SAFETY: Our philosophy about nursing care and safety also simplifies the relationship between loved ones and The Courvilles. You will never have to worry or be confused about the status of a loved one. Access to The Courvilles’ leadership team is straight forward and easy throughout the day and evening – 24/7. A licensed nurse is always on duty, and the entire nursing staff of LPNs and RNs is licensed and in good standing with the State of New Hampshire Board of Nursing.  Many are also certified in supportive memory care. Of course, the skill level of our RNs and LPNs is quite high, but their people skills also have to be as strong. After all, they are taking care of your loved ones. 


The Courvilles have their own dedicated nurse practitioner available 24/7, and a medical doctor is always available on call. In consultation with our nursing team, doctors, and family members, our team coordinates and monitors medications and overall health so that our residents are comfortable and as healthy as they can be. 


Important Care Note:

What to ask before hospital discharge. Prior to departure from home care or discharge from a hospital, it is wise to ask a social worker about your continuing care options. We have found that these professionals are knowledgeable, sincere, and well-informed. Perhaps that’s why they refer those in their care to The Courvilles in Manchester, Bedford and Nashua, NH.

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