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Welcome to The Courvilles! 



HumanKindness & Wellness for Life

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Everything we do starts with a daily commitment to HumanKindness.

Welcome! Our care for your loved ones comes from our commitment to providing them only the best care. With that comes an understanding of what we call the power of HumanKindness. It energizes a heartfelt friendliness, sense of community, and our deep personal understanding of just how important our residents – your family members – are in all our lives.

HumanKindness is a virtue like no other. We respect its role in recovery from illness, and its guidance as to how we all get along day in and day out.


Friendship creates the togetherness that opens windows to the heart.

Friendship is for everyone. It starts with a “hello” – and carries forward with, “What would you like to do today?” Our communities are exactly the same in HumanKindness. From activities to dining to social energy – life at The Courvilles can be whatever you wish. You can find comfort in just being yourself.

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 “Listen to the residents, families, and listen with your heart.” Jennifer Pinard, GM

 Our team meets weekly, and we talk together every day. In a sense, we manage by walking around, observing, and listening to our residents. This helps our communities run smoothly, with the right people at the right places at the right times.   


Everyone from our medical to physical therapy to dining staff and more  has made a commitment to fostering wellness, as exhibited by our residents’ overall health: their mental well-being; their emotional, social and spiritual happiness; and their overall comfort. Because of our 50 years of ever-changing experience, we know what really matters to our residents and their families.


Dining and nutrition are the delicious part of HumanKindness

Wellness is the outcome.

Our chefs are some of the most imaginative and cordial people you might ever meet. Their creativity shines even with the basics such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and “anytime dining.” Our chefs have been leaders in the farm-to-table movement, bringing fresh, farm-grown foods to our dining tables. They even upped the ante when they suggested what has become a very popular “perk” for residents all day long.  



Home is where you make it. We hope to make it even better.

There is indeed nothing better than being home. We all know that. We all understand what familiar surroundings do for one’s spirits. We strive to make your new home at The Courvilles an extension of what makes you comfortable.


The process of living with us at The Courvilles starts with an Admissions and Care Review. We take a holistic view of what special service(s) you might or might not need, plus the level of complete care you will require each day. 


You can choose from the various Courville resident locations as your home. We have many options to help you pick something close to where you live and receive care close to home.

Click on one below for more information.


We call our style of care HumanKindnessWellness for Life:

No matter what you call us, being that of an Assisted Living care company, or a Nursing Home or Eldercare, it really doesn't matter. That is because, what we do is care for you and have for over fifty years. 

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